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About me

My name is Kris Downey CPDT-KA

I am the owner and head trainer at Dog Zone Services. With 5 +years of experience in the field, I've had the privilege of working with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. From puppies taking their first steps in training to older dogs learning new tricks, I've witnessed the transformative power of positive reinforcement training in creating well-behaved and confident pets.

My expertise lies in addressing complex behavior issues such as reactivity, aggression, and fear. I understand that these challenges can be overwhelming for both dogs and their owners. With patience, compassion, and positive reinforcement, I work to rebuild trust, confidence, and a sense of security in your four-legged companion.

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New Training Facility

Kris has helped me turn my schnauzer from a( come through my door I will eat you) to a calm (welcome to my home)

The difference in the 6 weeks has been amazing. I will continue to work with my pup but am now confident in myself and him to continue the training on my own knowing Kris is available with advice if needed.

Thank you Kris it was wonderful having you work with me and Tippy."

Jeanette Donnelly

" Amazing experience!

Kris and I did a 6 week training program for my 4 month old malamute puppy. The results have been amazing! Hazel has learned so much in 6 short weeks. She gave me the tools and advice I needed to make sure I can give hazel a life full of learning and fun.

Kris is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and most of all she makes it fun! 10/10 would recommend."

Jenna Emmes

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