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Over night Boarding
Where your dog becomes family.


Dog Running

Dog Boarding Activities

Your dog will enjoy a wide array of activities within a spacious and secure indoor/outdoor living space. On a typical day, your dog will spend plenty of time in either our outdoor exercise areas, or our indoor play area where they are encouraged to socialize with their canine pals. Your dog’s time spent outdoors is largely determined by seasonal weather conditions. We don’t want to see our special guests getting too hot or cold, as your dog’s safety, health and well being is always our top priority.

Check in/out

When you arrive with your pet we ask that you you check in with reception first. You will notice our reception area is quite small so to avoid bathroom accidents or pet confrontations we ask that you leave your pets in the car while we confirm dates and feeding instructions.  You can bring your food, bedding, etc. when you check in.  Please label all food, treats, and medications.

BOARDING CHECK IN/OUT between   (9:30am-11:30pm)

BOARDING CHECK IN/OUT between (3:00pm-5:00pm) 

A typical day

7:00am: Dogs wake up, play, and go to the bathroom.

7:30am: Dogs return to kennels for breakfast.
8:30am-9:00am: Playtime after breakfast.
9:00am-12:00pm: Dogs enjoy outdoor play with breaks indoors. 
12:00pm:Dogs have quiet nap time.
1:00pm-1:30pm: Dogs wake up for afternoon play, with breaks indoors. 
4:00pm-4:30pm: Dogs have supper.

5:30pm-6:15pm: More outdoor playtime until 
6:30pm-7:00pm: Dogs sleep in kennels.

Cute Puppy

All of our guest dogs are manually led in and out of the kennels by staff, which further supports our policy and standards in giving all guests constant human affection and attention throughout the day. Our consistent contact with your dog will ensure they’ll enjoy every minute of their stay with us. We like to make sure our guests stay in their dog kennels for about an hour after all meals to ensure they properly digest their food. This practice greatly reduces the risk of upset stomachs that can be caused by overexertion from playtime too soon after a meal


Dog House

20% Off

Extended stays

7+ Nights 

Anxious about Boarding your dog?


Owners of dogs with behavioral issues or anxiety, need to schedule a 30 minute meet and greet with our Boarding Staff Manager before their stay. During this session, we observe the dog's behavior and discuss any specific needs or owners concerns.

Cancellation Policy

 Minimum 4 days notice required for cancelations. Cancelations may result $30.00 cancelation/ booking change fee at our discretion. 


5040 Crowsnest Highway

Cranbrook B.C.





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