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What are group classes?

Group classes are a fun way to learn new skills with your dog. It provides a social learning atmosphere where you can meet like-minded dog owners and share your experiences as a class.  Each group meets weekly at their designated time for in person instruction with the expectation that the behaviours are practiced at home between classes. Skills build from week to week.

Why choose group classes?

Group classes are an affordable option for dog training, as well as providing a social aspect for you and your dog. They provide you with key skills to help your dog succeed in life and help you build a better relationship. Not all dogs are suited to group classes. If your dog tends to be excessively noisy or nervous around new dogs or people this may not be the correct choice for you.​ 

What to Bring to each session

  • Special treats (for dogs with dietary needs/picky eaters)

  • Appropriate harness & leash

  • Favourite toy(s)

  • A small blanket or towel that smells like home

  • Special items may be requested for training a specific behaviour.

Image by Hannah Lim


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